(1) Win32 and MS-DOS useful executables in single archive http://f.rodon.org/m2/win32-and-dos-exefiles.7z
See full filelist in http://f.rodon.org/m2/win32-and-dos-exefiles.txt
(2) Additionally, single archive with deployed Perl 5.18.2(patched), Perl 5.6.1, PHP 5.2.17, Python 3.7.9 (patched for XP/2003), MSYS utilities, git 2.8.1, hg Mercurial 5.9.2 (embedded Python 2.7.18), Dependency Walker, Process Hacker, Resource Hacker FX, Sandboxie Portable, IrfanView, mp3cut (FadeIn/FadeOut w/o reencode), ffmpeg 4.5, mkvtoolnix, small DirectShow players (LightAlloy 4.4, WinAmp 2.95) etc.

(3) AIMP-3.50.1277.patched.arc - The last AIMP version with .PLC playlist support (user- and parser- friendly; removed in later versions). Best (known) MIDI SoundFont, 32MB. Plugins: DSP Enhancer; in_vgm, in_snes, in_NotSoFatso, in_adlib, in_tak

(4) Non-trivial notes about .cmd scripts - http://f.rodon.org/m2/ak-cmd.txt (Russian)

(5) "Domesticated" Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 vs. Windows XP / Windows 7 - http://f.rodon.org/m2/ws2003.txt (Russian)

(6) muxmkv.cmd - batch encoder/muxer for mass/queued/parallel video encoding. Uses x264.exe for AVC/H.264 video and various audio encoders (Nero AAC, CT AAC, Fraunhofer AAC, Vorbis aoTuV, MP3, FLAC, WavPack, TTA). Supports job queue, multiple parallel encodings from common queue, lossless caching, partial encodes with automated shift for --zones "..." and many other features.
(7) audcvt.cmd - batch audio converter/tagger. Supports various lossless and lossy formats. It has limitations with tags transfers in some cases, because of lack of universal CLI taggers. So in general Foobar, Xrecode or dbPowerAmp may be better as simple converters. But there are some more complex things where GUI becomes inappropriate...